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Stage Setup

Outdoor Activities


Fancy attend our Bike Check Inn curated bike tours in Transilvania, a truffle hunt or perhaps a long walk on the Via Transilvanica?
Or all of them?
Truffle Hunting

Transylvania has become increasingly celebrated for the quantity and quality of truffles. Fancy attend one?

Guided Bike Tours

As we host more than 100km of bike trails in our area, we might give you some nice insights in the culture and heritage of Transilvania while riding the bike.

Hiking and Walking

You can always curate your own adventure on the hills of Buneşti and Viscri or perhaps on a more long-distance escape on Via Transilvanica. The choice is yours to make.

Private Events

Either you fancy to get married in a fairy land full of wild flora and green meadows or you want to host a corporate team-building for your company, Bike Check Inn is the place, having all the facilities and all the green grass you want! We offer special packages with nice discounts on food, lodging and experiences.


Cultural Events


As we are well acquainted with some contemporary musicians we might host from now and then quite a party.

Yoga & Wellness

Attend one of our events or design your own retreat experience. There is so much space to slow down and connect with yourself and nature here. Attend yoga classes and healing activities, take your time, slow down, take a walk in the forest, move, ground, walk barefoot in the grass, listen to the wind, give your nervous system a break. We can provide a nourishing menu, according to your retreat requirements.

Christmas & New Year Eve

For the special celebrations of the winter season we offer packages with food,
accommodation and perhaps a nice gift for you and your family.

Cultural Tourism on Bike

A special package will be tailored for you, the eager and curious guest of
Transilvania’s history and culture. We offer nice accommodation, super food and Orbea E-bikes in a pack extended over three days and many kilometers in the wilderness of Fundus Regius.

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