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Nestled amidst the beautiful Târnava valley and a short stroll from the idyllic village of Viscri, Bike Check Inn is a truly special place at the heart of Fundus Regius, the name gave to the land of Saxons in the Middle Ages. We’ve fallen in love with its glorious heritage, architecture and of course with the views. We think you will too.

With seven ensuite bedrooms, sleeping two, three or four people each, Bike Check Inn is the ideal place in Königsboden for individuals, couples, families and groups. Our rooms are pet friendly, because dogs love Királyföld as well.

Our kitchen promises a delicious seasonal menu, changing everyday, inspired by our land’s historical interferences- rustic Hungarian classics, twists of Saxon nostalgia on a French base, invaluable Romanian rich and savory notes with — of course — the exciting and contemporary emphasis on locally sourced, respectfully grown and spiritually regarded ingredients. Dining here is a great way to get set for a day of adventure or to relax after a day on the bike.

Further more, our stunning location, midway between the towns of Braşov and Târgu Mureş, only 30 minutes from Sighişoara, circled by more than 100 kilometers of bike trails, Buneşti’s Bike Check Inn is the place for you whether you’re on the quest for excitement, relaxation or celebration.

We hope to welcome you to Buneşti soon.


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